Turn your lead list into custom video emails and automate outreach.

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Automate cold outreach with custom videos

Custom Domain

Look professional while sending your emails with your own Customer Domain.

Personalised Email

Implement your personalised email per lead to include there details

Recorded Video

Record a video directly in the platform to save time setting up your campaign

Unlimited Leads

No limit on leads within Outreach Hippo so you can send away!

Include Website Screenshots

Stand out with your emails

1. Send Emails

Send personalised emails to your leads with a screenshot of there website

2. Get Responses

When leads see your website in their email they immediately click on it to find out more

Allow leads to book a meeting directly on the page

Add your Calendar link to go straight to a meeting

#1 Step

Send Email

Custom Video

Direct to Leads Inbox

Unique URL

#2 Step

Book Meeting

Calendar Pop Up

Analytic Data

Booked Meetings

They are already on theSaas

4.7/5 from 500+ customer

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Jacqueline Miller
Senior marketing manager

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Outreach Hippo
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Unlimited Leads
Custom Domain
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Outreach Hippo
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